Want Bailout Money? Fine. No More Lobbying.

New rule:   Any company that receives bailout money is forbidden now and forever from spending any money whatsoever on lobbying government officials or making campaign contributions and/or doing business with any customers, suppliers, unions, investors, lenders, associations, nations or any other entities that spend any money on lobbying government officials or make campaign contributions.

What do you think?

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One response to “Want Bailout Money? Fine. No More Lobbying.

  1. I think whomever gets bailout money should abide by rules crafted by us the taxpayers. Since we are ultimately the ones paying the price, we should have a say in how our investment is being used.
    Every tax paying American should automatically become a shareholder in all the corporations and industries that have received bailout money. As a shareholder, we have a say in how our money is being used.
    Suddenly, the lender becomes a borrower to the borrower. Could you imagine having power over the mortgage company that foreclosed your home? And what about having the banks be accountable to us? Remember when the bank down the street refused to give you a small business loan? Well, now the tables are turned and lots of bankers and mortgage brokers are looking for another career.
    Go ahead. Let’s give them their bailout money but under these conditions:
    1. Monthly financial reports to the shareholders.
    2. Weekly audits by the ever so friendly IRS.
    3. Before any decision is made all shareholders must be contacted and informed.
    4. A concensus must be reached on all major decisions by the shareholders.
    5. Cap salaries for the CEO’s
    6. Develop a plan to pay back the bailout money.
    7. Develop a long term financial plan to never let this dire situation happen again.

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