Vote for a BRAC Commission for Policy Review

Vote for this idea on if you agree.

A BRAC-like commission that would review regulatory agency policies, tax policies, and perhaps even have some role in the legislation design process, could provide at least some counter to the corrosive influence of money in politics and add some weight to the public interest in policy decision-making.

According to Wikipedia, the BRAC [Base Closure and Realignment Commission] process for base closures begins when The Pentagon officials submit a list of bases to be closed, shrunk, or enlarged. An independent nine-member commission evaluates the list by taking testimony from interested parties and paying visits to affected bases. The BRAC Commission can add bases to or subtract them from the list. The commission submits its list to the President, who must either approve or disapprove the list in its entirety. If approved, the list then goes to Congress which has the opportunity to disapprove the entire list within 45 days by enacting a resolution of disapproval – if Congress does not enact such a resolution, the BRAC recommendations are final.

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