Discomfort in Congress?

If we bought our congress critters as comfy seats as they have in Illinois do you suppose they would spend any more time in them?

Illinois House of Representatives voting to impeach Gov. Blagojevich

Illinois House of Representatives voting to impeach Gov. Blagojevich


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3 responses to “Discomfort in Congress?

  1. Michelle

    I am satisfied with the political representatives I voted for. When I am fervently, passionately, motivated to voice my concerns on an important issues, I contact my representative. Whether I voted for them or not, the elected officials, have done a good job of responding back to me.

    No. We do not need to spend money we don’t have on more comfortable chairs for members of senate. If you are dissatisfied with your elected official, tell her. The elected officials are representing the people. You should be able to tell your elected official your opinion on matters that are important to you. Upon hearing a complaint, your senator should make an effort to resolve the issue. Resolution can happen in various ways.

    The voter may be unclear on the main factors involving an unpopular vote by his congressman. Instead of not responding to many phone calls of public dissatisfaction, the congressman can explain the reason for his vote.

    Voters can also inform their elected officials on new items coming up for vote. You can tell your elected official how you want her to vote. Your congresswoman, should also have regular correspondence with the people by polling them on important items coming up for vote in the House. In this case, your congresswoman would vote by the choice of the majority. If you are then, displeased with your congresswoman’s vote, it is because your choice was in the minority.

    Finally, if all else fails and you are dissatisfied with overall performance and voting record of your elected official, you can vote him out of office.

  2. krouda

    It was a joke, BUT, you may find this amusing, sort of along the same lines.

  3. Dear Editor,

    I did indeed find the video of “Uncle Jay Explaining Congress” amusing. I also found it enlightening and informative.

    I did not realize the tremendous benefits that go along with being a member of Congress. They get a lot of recess time and don’t work on the weekends or holidays unless there is a special session which happens every blue moon. They also gets lots and lots of vacation time.

    Uncle Jay has convinced me to make a career change.

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