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We Can End the Global Gag Rule Once and For All

President Reagan first imposed the Global Gag Rule in the 1980’s and it was retained by the first President Bush.  President Clinton rescinded it two days after he took office.  The second President Bush put it back in place two days after he took office, and President Obama is expected to rescind it again today, on the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Now that we know how the game is played, we should take the opportunity to make repeal of this rule permanent.

We can do this by depositing funds for organizations that would receive funding without this rule but that would lose it with the rule into Escrow accounts for future withdrawal.

If Escrow accounts are established that these organizations can withdraw from starting in four years and every year thereafter for, say, 12 years, then their funding will be protected even under an anti-choice administration.  We will pay today for today’s funding and the funding for many years to come, and once these Escrows are built up, our current funding decisions will actually provide money that will not be needed (or available for withdrawal) for over a decade.  So long as we fund Escrow accounts far enough into the future, we can fairly well assure ourselves that even if inhumane administrations fail to continue future funding, a more humane administration will likely be elected eventually, with time to rebuild the Escrow accounts.  We can ride out all but the most severe of storms.

If that isn’t the case, and anti-choice administrations come to power and stay in power so long as to outlast all of our Escrow accounts, then we probably have to accept that the American people have spoken up and that they prefer women around the world to die than to have any abortions for any reasons.

Until the people prove that… lets do what we need to do to prevent brutal American regimes from yet again withholding these critical funds from the world’s women.

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