Bye Judd! Bye bye! Bye!

Judd Gregg was a dumb choice for Secretary of Commerce in the first place.  Reaching out to the few moderate Republicans that still exist is all well and good but his views on nearly everything related to commerce were almost diametrically opposed to everything progressives are hoping to achieve.  His inability to reconcile his position in the cabinet with his membership in the Republican Party that caused him not to be able to vote on one of the most important votes since the authorization of the Iraq War demonstrated this in spades.

The fact that he cites the census as one of his reasons puts the issue into even greater relief.  The only difference between how Republicans and Democrats approach the census is that Democrats want to make sure that everyone is counted and that census data is as accurate as possible, while Republicans want to severely limit census takers’ ability to count poor people, brown people, and other groups from Democratic leaning demographics.  If his Republicanism is so strong that he subscribes to the philosophy that it is more important for Republicans to be elected than it is for all American citizens to be accounted for… he has no place in an administration that is striving to be fair and inclusive.

So, good bye Judd.  We’ll try to vote you out of the Senate as soon as possible.


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2 responses to “Bye Judd! Bye bye! Bye!

  1. Jonathan Simeone

    I am a progressive, but I do not believe that the White House should be running the Census. To me, that was a very partisan move, and one that flys in the face of being democratic. not to mention the possible sepperation of powers issues resulting from the direct impact that the Census has on Congress.

    American Reality

  2. krouda


    Your comment intrigued and I had to look it up. In our nation’s infancy the census was a (small) function of the US Marshals, which I think are part of the Judiciary, but the first ones were appointed by George Washington. In 1880 Congress created the Census Bureau and put it in the Department of the Interior. It bounced around a couple of times eventually landing in the Department of Commerce and Labor, which eventually split in two and the census stayed with the Dept of Commerce.

    So the census has been an executive branch function since at least 1880 and maybe earlier. Its director is appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.

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