C’mon Harry… Make Them Filibuster!

Harry Reid… Grow some and make them filibuster, damn it!

We should not be operating as if the Senate requires a super-majority to pass any legislation.  We especially should not allow this to be the case only when Democrats have Senate majorities!

Let the American people watch their mortgage relief delayed day after day, week after week, by Republicans reading the Bible on C-Span.

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One response to “C’mon Harry… Make Them Filibuster!

  1. Randy Rouda

    Something I posted on DKos a couple months ago.

    “I simply do not understand how Senators of either party allowed themselves to accept that merely the threat of a filibuster is the same thing as actually doing it. If our side really believed Nominee X was a disastrous choice for the bench, we should have had no shame in standing up and denouncing him/her in rotating shifts for days on end. If they think that keeping 3 million people in their jobs is a bad idea, fine, they should stand up and say so, 24 hours a day for as long as they like.

    Somehow we seem to have gotten the idea that “bringing the business of the Senate to a standstill” is a problem, when debate on the issues IS the business of the Senate.”

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