Conservatives Strongly Support Healthcare Reform To Keep America Competitive

Fiscal conservatives promote the idea of government thinking and acting like a business.  Businesses survive and thrive by relentlessly pursuing the best value for the goods and services they purchase.  The United States of America is not getting the best value for its healthcare dollar.  In fact, it is effectively buying from the high-cost, low-quality producer.  We spend two to three time as much per capita as our industrialized peers, so we should be getting a premium product.  In fact, our healthcare outcomes rank 19th among industrialized nations.  The United States is being swindled.

US per capita healthcare spending compared to our industrialized peers.

US per capita healthcare spending compared to our industrialized peers.

Among industrialized nations, the United States of America has the

  • lowest ranking in overall health outcomes
  • highest infant mortality rate,
  • highest maternal mortality rate
  • lowest life expectancy.

France has 64.8 preventable deaths per 100,000 deaths due to treatable conditions. Japan has 71.2.  Australia has 71.3.  The United States of America, due to lack of access to care, has 109.7.  We But look at that spending!  This high cost / low quality investment makes conservatives absolutely bat shit crazy, and it should.  This is no way for America to compete successfully on the global stage.

This is why conservatives realize that there is no future in the current American system of delivering healthcare.  Conservatives feel that to sabotage America’s competitive capability in the global marketplace by continuing to spend more than our competitors and get less in return is akin to treason.

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