We need 6,000 more Congress Critters

When the Founding Fathers designed the House of Representatives in the Constitution they sought to ensure that there would be no more than one representative for every 30,000 people AND NO LESS THAN one representative for every 50,000 people.

Each representative today has over 600,000 constituents and this inestimably cheats the citizenry of their fair say in Congress.

Remember that the Senate represents states as a whole. The House is to represent communities and neighborhoods. At 600,000 constituents per representative, neighborhood concerns are almost entirely lost and Representatives are left to only focus on the big, national issues of the day… those that the Senate is already designed to master.

At 600,000 constituents representatives must campaign via expensive, mass media which shifts their attention from voters to fund raising and campaign contributors… Most of whom come from OUTSIDE their districts and demand representation that actually harms the representative’s voters.

The people’s voice has been stolen and we need it back. We need our other 5,500 representatives.

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