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Blagojevich, Shlabojevich. Senate Needs to Seat Burris Right Away and Get to Work.

The media, Fitzgerald, and the Illinois leg. can do with Blagojevich whatever they want.  Harry Reid and our friends in the Senate have to get ahold of their damn selves, though, and seat this new guy, Roland Burris.

First, he has been legally appointed by the sitting Governor of Illinois, per the laws of that fine state.  There is a lot of bluster about that Governor right now, but he remains unconvicted and unimpeached.  Further, unless everyone involved is even stupider than we think, the selection decision seems to have been made cleanly, regardless of how messy the early part of the process was.  All in all, this is a legal pick, Illinois’ problems are Illinois’ problems, and we need to uphold the rule of law.

Second, from a pragmatic standpoint, Roland Burris seems to walk on water from our vantage point on the liberal left.  He’s a godsend!!  He is unapologetically in favor of abortion rights, he is proudly in favor of expanding the rights of gay men and women, and he started his career, you won’t believe this, as a bank examiner!  I can’t think of a skill set we need more in the Senate right now than bank examining and bean counting!  Further, according to political voices in Chicago, he is squeaky clean and there has “never been a breath of scandal about him”.

Thirdly, since the pick seems to be clean and reasonable despite the shenanigans, the Senate has to get to business right away.  The global economy is in free fall, our domestic economy has been devastated, our government has been filled with corrupt, incompetent, and cynical bureaucrats that have caused untold billions in damage, we have one war that needs to be ended, another war that needs to be won, the Middle East is aflame again, we have trade pacts to renegotiate, a health care system to overhaul, and India and Pakistan are pointing nuclear tipped missiles at each other.

Fourth, look, if Harry “Spineless” Reid can agree to let Joe Lieberman keep his chairmanships because we’re that desperate for his unprincipled vote… then surely to God we are desperate enough to want Burris’ vote too.  He is actually a real-life, true, unashamed, unabashed, liberal Democrat!  We need him in Washington yesterday!

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Blagojevich: Remember this is the Bush Justice Department We’re Talking About… Not a Real One.

If and when Blagojevich is found guilty of the unbelievable corruption he is charged with, I’ll be the first to read him for filth.  I just have to say, however, that we need to be just a tad cautious.

I haven’t read the actual complaint the FBI has filed, but the excerpts that I’ve heard repeated again and again as damning evidence do not, to me, sound like they are evidence of anything except a lot of bluster.  I have heard quotes talking about how valuable an opportunity he has, about how upset he is that the Obama camp will only give him appreciation, a lot of uses of the f-bomb, and a bunch of statements that don’t seem becoming of a sitting governor… but none of the quotes I’ve heard so far actually consist of him soliciting bribes.  Talk about his ability to solicit bribes? Yes.  Actual soliciting?  Maybe it’s there, but I haven’t heard it.

Remember that the preferred tactic of prosecutors today is to win cases in the media before anything ever makes it to the courtroom.  We’ve saw this notoriously in the Clinton’s Whitewater dealings, in the Duke La Cross rape case, and in several recent FBI cases that have been dismissed or dropped because of insufficient evidence.

I don’t want to be an apologist for Blagojevich.  If he did these deeds, he deserves whatever he gets.  We just need to be a little patient and remember that the justice department we are dealing with today is still in the perverted Bush mold, and needs to be understood on those terms.


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