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Liberals Head Into the Weeds on Right Wing Angst About Obama Speech

So, of course I can understand why liberals are incensed that after being called traitors, and unpatriotic, and being told to move to other countries, and beaten up sometimes, for even questioning the wisdom of a war that turned out to ultimately be a scam and a debacle based on deliberate lies that cost over a trillion dollars (and counting) and four thousand young Americans lives (and counting) and got us NOTHING, that conservatives would have the balls, yes the fucking balls, to suggest that even listening to the first legitimately elected President of the United States of America in a decade talk about anything at all, let alone the value of an education, could be anything but a blessing for their children…

And I have to admit that I am so incensed that I’m more than happy to let them know that I think they are pathetic substitutes for human beings, that they are so clearly the unwashed, uneducated, bible thumping, illiterate, shoeless, toothless, rusted pickup truck driving, unskilled laboring, snuff chewing, warm Miller beer drinking, sibling screwing, greasy haired, wife-beating, dirt floor shack living, car on blocks in the side yard having, faded plastic Mary in a bathtub in the front yard having, hair lipped, brown-shirt wearing, gay bashing, better to have an abortion with a wire hanger than a surgeon believing, underarm stinking, crotch crab infested, swamp-assed, bastard, worthless, piece of shit mother-fuckers that those of us who actually graduated 9th grade always knew they were…. where was I?

Oh ya.  The difference between being a liberal and a conservative is that while I find them despicable in all the above ways and more, I fully support their right, if their fetid little maggot infested minds lead them to want to, to have their children wait somewhere else while the rest of the kids benefit from a wholesome message about the value of an education from the President of the United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth.

Would that when we have an issue with our kids being arm-twisted to say that America is a nation “under God” which it MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT since THERE IS NO GOD EVEN THOUGH THEY INSIST THERE IS, that they would be as generous as we, and look out for our rights as individuals as much as we look out for theirs.

Filthy, buck-toothed, rat-faced, acrid, bug infested, little creep bastards.

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New on the Agenda: Fire Protection Reform

Taking their cue from the healthcare debate, Conservatives are setting out to bring the US socialist fire protection system into the capitalist fold.  A new measure being proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives will require firemen to make sure that home owners, businesses, and other property owners present proof of insurance and sign an acknowledgement that they are ultimately responsible for all charges, before any attempt is made to put out a fire.  Industrial concerns, large retail complexes, owners of multiple family dwellings and high-rise office buildings will also need to have their insurance company provide prior authorization and a confirmation number before services are provided and public expense is incurred.  An amendment that has been proposed, but not yet voted on, would require fire departments to access the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify database before extinguishing a fire to ensure that home-owners, tenants, landlords, and any overnight visitors are properly documented and in the US legally.

Conservative blogger TeaBaggingFan69 states that “it is about darn time fire protection consumers had a choice as to who their primary fire protection service is.  For too long, the overbearing, lib’ral government has dictated which fire departments respond to our emergencies.  Heck, we don’t even get to choose which fire trucks are sent or which firemen come!”  Reverend Richard Weed, who has previously testified about the subject in front of the Commerce Committee summed up the feelings of many Conservatives when he said “Now, look, any time a house is on fire there’s a good chance that it will be lived in again.  Many Evangelical Christians resent the idea that a faggot  might be traipsing through their house squirting God knows what everywhere!  These people go against the grain of nature every day… who can even imagine what they might do in a private residence after they have forcibly carried family members outside”

While popular among many on the right, the measure faces an uncertain future in the Senate even if it passes the House.  One individual who claims to have inside knowledge but who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject, said that Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid may recently have been quoted as stating “That’s the dumbest damn idea I’ve ever heard.  Democrats will only support that if Republicans say they really, really, should.”  A spokesperson did not immediately return our call.

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