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Can Larry really understand the problem with making $115 million?

This is (below) a well thought out piece by Frank Rich that is worth reading.

I really don’t think most of the people who voted for Obama have the messiah complex Republicans think we have, but there is a Camelot quality to it that we need to acknowledge, and we need to stay awake and alert.

I won’t retell his column… go read it.

And ask yourself this.  Can anyone who made $115 million in 9 years really, really, understand the flaw in the system that allowed that to happen?  I mean, intellectually, perhaps.  But plenty of us see the billions of dollars that got paid out to Wall Street wunderkinds as blood money.  As ill gotten gains.  Does Larry see it that way?  I’m cautiously in his corner, for now.  But it does seem likely that he and some others may have some blind spots.  We have to be engaged enough to scream bloody murder if we see them pulling into a lane with truck already in it.


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Is Hillary Right for SecState?

Is Hillary the best choice for Secretary of State?  There seem to be a couple of views about this.

  1. Hell no.  She isn’t qualified to be my dog catcher, let alone Secretary of State
  2. No.  She has achieved good policy cred in the Senate, has obvious leadership skills, would be qualified for lots of jobs, but doesn’t have the level of real diplomatic experience that we need coming off the Bush blight.
  3. Maybe yes, maybe no, but isn’t it a problem that she said Obama couldn’t keep us safe, Obama said she has no international experience, there was that crazy Bosnia thing, they don’t agree on how to handle Iran, etc?
  4. Absolutely.  She is a weighty thinker, an able manager and leader, is well known and regarded around the world, and both she and Obama are politicians first, different second, and whatever they said in the campaign about each other was just negative tactics on both sides and should not be given any credence.

Or some variation of the above.

Personally, I think she has distinguished herself very well in the defense realm, and I would have rathered see her as Secretary of Defense.  I know some others who are cringing that she isn’t staying in the Senate and vying to take the leadership away from Harry Reid, being that she’s a firebrand and he is next to useless.

But at this point we really need to start asking a different question.  There is no longer any point to debating whether or not she is the right person.  Clinton bashers and Replublicans will largely use her appointment to discredit Obama.  But the proof will be in the pudding.  The right question is one we won’t be able to answer for at least six months and that is ‘Is she doing a good job?”

If she does a good job, hopefully our Republican friends and Clinton bashers alike will have the grace to admit that.  If she doesn’t, hopefully the Clinton supporters will have the grace to allow her to be replaced without screeching that she was set up.

Ultimately, I hope she does a great job.  When we look back on this era what we will see is that the 9/11 attacks were dasturdly, but the real damage to our nation was done by our incompetant and misguided responses to them.  We can’t afford another minute of inept foreign policy, let alone an entire term or two.

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